Instagram Mass Comments (Hashtag based=

Hello I saw on my SMM panel that they offer ‘‘Instagram Mass Comments ( Hashtag based)’’

I am not talking about Instagram Comments to my post.

This service promise to deliver mass comments to the number of posts you give them.

​1. 50k minimum

  1. I provide the hashtags

  2. I provide the custom comments

They have minimum 50k to order. They promise the comments stay at least 5 days.

My issue:


I asked them about proof of delivery but they say they cannot provide such a proof.

Have you ever tested this service or where do you recommend me to buy this service?

If they can’t provide proof, then it’s pretty shady. Won’t advise that you risk your money on such service.

I’m interested in this service. Would you please tell which website is selling it? I’m going to give it a try and tell you about the results. :slight_smile:

Link me in a PM? And so, they are leaving comments on the target profiles you choose or what? What are the prices?