🚀 Instagram Mass DM Service: Gain more Instagram Followers, Drive Sales & Generate Leads...

A. Driving sales to your ecommerce store


B. Lead generation to your CPA adult offer

C. Gaining Followers (music artist, giveaways…)

1) What is our offer?

We send messages from our instagram accounts to your potential clients. The message will contain an incentive and call to action.

2) Why this service?

Automation for instagram has been very difficult those last years. Doing action from your main account, is risky and can lead to having your account blocked or shadow banned or even removed completely. Even if it is still possible to do some actions from your main account, the results will be limited and not scalable.

With this service, you can scale and acheive high growth. The messages are being sent from other accounts than your main account, so instagram can’t punish your account for actions that are not done by your account.

3) How does it work?

After payment, you will need to give those info:

  1. Your target audience (Followers of this account, Likers of this post, Commenters of this post) + List of users to not DM (Your followers or your existing clients)
  2. The message to be sent. It should contain a strong incentive and clear call to action
  3. URL of instagram post to share a long with the message

4) What happen next?

After less than 24h, we will scrape your sources and get everything ready.
Before start sending we will send you a screenshot of the message to be sent to do a final check and confirm it
Mass Sending will start and it will take few hours
At the end we will send you a proof of the number of DMs sent.

5) Price

Minimum order is 10K DMs. The price 5$ per 1K .

6) Discounts

For larger orders (>50K) we offer discounts. Feel free to contact us

7) Payment Methods

BTC, Paypal or Credit Card.

8) Refund policy

No refund is possible unless if we are not able to send the DMs. It might happen only in case of an instagram update ongoing.

9) FAQs

  • How can I place an order?

Contact us here

  • Is there a limit to the number of DMs sent?

We can send up to 5M DMs per day. Since we have a lot of orders please tell us in advance.


Sales thread approved. Good luck!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!

how does the accounts look like from which the DMs are send?

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VOUCHE - I’m a frequent customer of Taya, always provided me analytics, suggestions for better CTR, 11/10 great service and direct supplier.

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Do you also offer targeting and DM on french speaking market? Belgium & France
Niche : Yoga Wellbeing Coaching

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what is the opening rate from your experience?
I heard it is mostly around 1-3% these days?

Open rate depends on how good is the target audience.

Yes I have seen 0.5%-5% results (followers, DMs).

For niched accounts 10k can bring 50-500 followers. The more niched the account, the better is the targeting, the better results…
For ecom 10k can bring 50-200 DMs to your main account inbox.

Here the example of results of sending 10K daily for a super niched account after selecting the best sources:


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Taking new orders!!

Taking new orders!!