Instagram Mass posts unlikes limit

Hi guys

I’d like to know if mass unliking posts on instagram has its limits.
A client liked several thousands posts which are complete crap and like to delete all
this record from instagram.

I’ve found an app named cleaner which seems to do the job but I want to know if
it’s possible to unlike all at the same time or there’s a limit to respect to avoid any block or problem.

Any idea or advise would be very welcome … thanks

I’d also like to know, there’s a bunch of bots out there for this and they are overpriced or shady

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Are you interested in unfollow ghosts?

I do not understand a bit of what you wrote, apologize.
Can you write it differently?

Cleaner app seems to do the job but I think it’s too many unlikes too fast. It seems you can unlike all post at once but maybe this is triggering a block or something like that …

Hope anyone knows the answer for this …

That’s exactly the kind of tool I was looking for. Jarvee, despite careful settings, liked images that I would never have liked manually. I just tested the app. With the free version you can only do 50 actions. Then it waits 24h until the next execution (if I understood it correctly). Think, with this you are sure that you are not blocked by Instagram.

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