Instagram message: Was this you?

Someone attempted to log into your account recently. If it wasn’t you, tell us so we can verify your account.

Getting alot of this lately, I only get this when I manually switch IP’s or I try to log on with a different device…this is kind of alarming if this is caused by MP.

Maybe a glitch that is bypassing the proxies and performing actions on my home IP?

Is this happening to anyone else?

On 1 account, multiple accounts, and one time, or multiple times?

10/50 different accounts throughout the day after this update

I don’t use insta enough to give you an answer, but I am sure someone here will. I’m interested


They see a login or attempt from a different IP. You say you’re switching IPs… I don’t find any of this abnormal if that’s what you’re doing.

No, I’m not switching anything.

Sorry if I was confusing but I meant I normally only saw this when switching IPs or logging on with a phone. But now I’m getting them throughout the day while mp is running normal operations without any ip change from me whatsoever.

You don’t happen to have 2FA enabled on any of the accounts, do you?

Sorry, whats 2FA?

2 Factor Authentication, they send a code when you log in.

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