Instagram mother child / slave service on rent

We are providing mother child service for Instagram.

As we all know Instagram changes algorithm frequently. So running and managing Instagram accounts for this service is very hard. Also now days Instagram keep shutting down software available in market for managing multiple accounts.

But we came up with solution.

Any one who wants to grow their Instagram account or their client’s Instagram account we are here to help.

Our mother child service is little bit different than others.

Other providers in market when they provide you mother child service they will charge you on follower basis. For example 1000 followers for 200$. In that case some times people get bot or fake followers.

When anyone run mother child service there is no control on exact followers count. For example we are running 100 accounts as child account. So in some case we can get maybe 10,000 followers and in some case we can get only 1000 followers.

So we came up with proper solution.

We will provide mother child service on how many child accounts you want to run to grow your main account.

How Our service works ? (basic knowledge of Mother child/ slave service)

You want to grow your or your client’s account page and you want to increase your sales.

For example:- You or your client have Female Model or Fashion Brand page.

We will create child accounts looks like your page. We will use your post in our child accounts and we will give names and username similar to your brand or your models name.

Now these accounts will have posts and bio, each account and post will mention mother (main) account in bio and caption.


These accounts will start following other people From 50 to 500 people daily. ( Daily Following limit is depend on how old is our child account. We will start with 50)

Post Tag And Mention

Child accounts will make post and tag people and mention them.

When Child account start making post they will use post from main account And child account will start tagging people in post from 5 to 15 people. These people will get notified. Child Account will make from 5 to 20 post per day. Each post will have different caption and each post will mention your main account in caption.

Comment Mention

Child accounts will tag people in comment and they will get notification. Child accounts will comment on each other post and tag up to 5 target user in comment.

For Example we are running 50 child accounts for you and these 50 accounts will make post and mention main accounts in caption later these each 50 accounts start making 50 to 150 total comment on each other post and tag up to 5 people in one comment. And your target user will get pop up notification.

Story Mention

This is one of the most effective process in mother child.

All child accounts will share your post in their story and mention up to 15 people in story one story. Daily child account will share 10 to 30 story in each account.

Whats interesting thing about this process is all target users will get notification that someone (our child account ) mention them in story and when they will check story they will only see your main account username because all the people who has been mentioned their user name will be behind post.

Hash tag

When Main account will make post with hashtag child accounts will search that hash tag from search bar and child accounts will try to find your post from hash tag and they will like and comment post.

This way your post will get ranked on recent post or top most liked post and Instagram will start showing your post in other users feeds.

Mass Dms

All Child Accounts will do dms 10 to 50 per account.

Track Child accounts progress

You will get list of all child accounts so you can keep track of progress.

We will give you access to child accounts and device through our server to check progress of child account. Like how many follow, dms, mentions, story and post have been made.

You will also get list of how many target users child accounts have been interacted with.

If you are running your clients accounts then we will give you access to our device and also we will make video and send you.


How much time it will take to start child account to run after payment?

It will take minimum 10 to 20 days to run child accounts. For every project we create fresh child accounts and warm up before running them.

Will warm up time consider in service running time?

No. Accounts creating time and warm up time is separate. Your service delivery time start after warm up.

How child accounts created and running?

All child accounts created manually on real andoid device. And those child accounts will run on those android device. All child accounts will be phone and email verified. Also Sim card used for child account’s creation will be real sim card. Those sim card will be use in same devices where child accounts going to run. And they will use 4g data from that sim card. No proxy for those child accounts.

Will accounts interact daily 1000 users from first month.?

No. After warmup period accounts start 400 to 700 interactions with users for 15 to 20 days. After that they will do average 1000 interaction. Otherwise accounts will not run properly.

How much follower I can get daily?

There is no surety how much followers you can get on daily basis.
Followers depends on many factors. Like Our target audience, Accounts niche , Main account content. Some time child accounts post or reels got promoted and they start showing in random people feed and you got more followers. In many case they don’t and you will get followers only from target accounts. That’s why we charge based on child accounts quantity.

Can we order specific process for interaction or actions for child accounts?

Yes, If you want to only make post in child accounts and tag people in post and make comments on main accounts and mention people in comments, or only making story and mention them, or custom comments on main accounts or target accounts mentioning product or main accounts.

Can I customize child accounts?

Yes we will create child accounts as you wish. But there are some rules.
In child account’s bio we ll not mention main account from start… we ll start mention main account’s user name in bio step by step… some accounts will mention in first month and other accounts will mention it in from second month.

Can we use link in Bio?

Yes we ll use link in bio only if you are using clocking link and you have to provide us multiple link.

What niche you work with?

We can work with every niche.

Do we work with agencies?

Yes we work with agencies. And for big orders discounts is available. But don’t come with like you are agency and have so many client and you want discount with basic 200$ package.

Contact Details
Telegram :- @digital_freak


Sales thread approved, good luck

What do you mean by interaction here? can you tell us more how many follows likes comments or story views you are talking about?

interaction means how many target users they reach.
for example one account is running and its doing 200 following daily , 20 dms daily. 20 tags in comment. so total 240 interaction with target users

Good Luck with sales, sounds like you have really thought it through. Custom cild accounts and all :+1:

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got your point, but how do you divide the 1000 interactions daily, its a very huge number for a single account, I would love to know more about it.
Good luck with your sales

50 comment with 5 mentions=250, 250 follow, 10 post with with 15 tag= 150, 10 to 20 story with 15 mention=150 to 300, some dms.

Special Offer
For female model 300$ for 30 accounts for limited times.
Offer available only for female models not for other niche accounts.

Results of our service.

30 accounts running for onlyfans model for more than 2 months.

100 accounts running for fitness model for more than 2 months.

150 accounts for OnlyFans model in 1 week results.

100 accounts running for fitness Model for 4 moths.

200 accounts running for OnlyFans Model for 6 months…

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Another Successful Result With Our Service.

60 Accounts Running For OnlyFans Model.


WE ARE OFFERING 30 Child Accounts Only for 300$ per month.

Major discount available for 3 month advance payment. Only 800$ for 30 accounts for 3 months.

After 3 month 30 accounts will cost you 250$ per month.


i have came across this type of thing for first time. its interesting.

Hey there I am interested in signing up for your service please DM

Contact me on telegram

Telegram account deleted, how can I connect?

sorry for inconvenience … Our telegram account deleted… i ll send you our new telegram account details here soon…

new telegram id

New contact details…
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Hi, I can not find you telegram ID. It doesnt exist. I’d like to know more and try the service. Thanks

Some FAQ And Agencies Offers.

**People are asking 200$ for 10 accounts and 1000$ for 60 accounts its so much costly. How can we make profit and how can we resell this service. In market regular price is 200$ for 1000 followers per month. Then Why your service so costly? And why should we buy your service?**​

Answer to these questions.

  • Our service is costly because all child accounts run on real android device with real sim card data and before starting service we create all accounts manually in all device so obviously it ll cost you little bit extra.
  • Yes we do automation for follow, likes, mentions, tags, and story views on devices with our custom made bot (Each automation action made on real device). Only accounts creation done manually because each client have different demands for child accounts.

About costing.

  • Yes with 200$ for 10 accounts you won’t be able to make profits. These package is only for trail package to check out our service. How our service works.

How our service can help you make profit and gain followers on Instagram.?

We offer 200 child account for 3 months with 4500$ and 8500$ for six months.
500 child accounts for 3 moths with 9000$ and 17000$ for six months.

**Now when we run Instagram mother child service minimum we can get minimum 1 followers from one account daily. So we can make calculation. 200 accounts can bring you 200 followers daily. So monthly 6000 and 18000 in 3 months.**​

**Now in market average price is 250$ for 1000 followers. So 18000 followers will cost you around 4500$. Ans our service will also cost you 4500$.**​

**Also mother child service on followers count basis some times they add fake followers to reach number of followers they promised.**​

**With our service and pricing model that won’t happen.**​

**We charge on child accounts quantity base. So from 200 accounts whether you get 1 follower or 10 followers from one account per day its all yours. We won’t charge you extra for those extra followers. Its up to you what target list you give us and what filters we have used to scrape target audience.**​

Our New Contacts Details.