Instagram Mute Function Bug

HI all,

I’m using the mute tool to hide profiles that were followed by automation for my accounts.
Recently I noticed that on one of the accounts, muted profiles appear on the feed despite the mute.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation? is this a known bug?


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Yup, also happens to me, but normally it is not more than 1-2 accounts/day when following 400 people, I think that is normal :wink:

So what happens is sometime the accounts are private and the mute feature wont work then cause the account is pvt and cannot access the mute feature. When these accounts accept your follow req then their feed will come.

I have tested this with following only public profile and mute them and non of the profiles were shown in the feed.

Either follow only public profiles or follow both and keep mute option to mute after 60 mins or more so that they accept the follow and then mute is done. Still some of the profiles who accept after a long time will be shown in feed.

Hope this helps.


Aah thank you for clearing this up! Another reason to avoid following private accounts

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That seems to be it!
Thanks very much :blush:

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pvt accounts are mostly good quality and real accounts so it’s better to follow them but it depends on what your goals are


Happened to me once on one account, but went away pretty quickly.