Instagram new Algorithm and getting less engagement from Hastags?

Any of you guys facing less engagement through hastags ? Before a week it was different. Now hastags are useless. I am not even getting single engagement from hastags even though getting 600-700 likes in first couple of hours from my own followers :man_shrugging:t2:. Is it algorythm or Am I shadow banned ? I can’t even see my post in recent feed of hastags I use.

Please stop making the same post with different wording once a day


Change the hashtags / post without hashtags / engage with your followers more

I am not getting proper reason for less engagement. I have made my profile private and stop bleeding followers. Is it good way to do so ?

And I apologies for making same thread.

Doing the same right now.

It’s 2019. I’m not saying Hashtags are dead? But people are more educated to use Instagram now. They simply won’t like anything they see on the hashtag.

And, I did learn somewhere that some of the hashtags are blacklisted by Instagram. So I hope you’re not using them.

There’s nothing like that. I use the same hastags Again and I have started getting impression from Hastags. For a week, I didn’t get any impressions from hastags but now its working. Shadow ban will always be a myth.

Okay. I’m happy that you’re able to solve it yourself.