Instagram new methods for Likes and Grow

Hey how are you guys! I have some questions about likes

  1. Which are the best method to get likes?

  2. Anyone knows an automatic ig like service that is working? (I used to use StormLikes but is down)

  3. Jarvee is the best automatic service till today? other recomendations?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi there, the best content in your niche and write a nice caption will not a good service nowadays, try goso maybe or JV like exchange. but you have to know that likes are going to disappear.
3.still the best if JV is not working then the others will perform worst . try to make a custom software.

Hope it helps my friend

Want to find out too :slight_smile:

I don’t know if what you are for one account or for several.

Well, as I have only one account, I use an extension called everlike in my google chrome. The free version allows you to do up to 350 likes a day, which for me is already a good size. But I’ve used the pro version a few times, got 750 likes on the day, but stopped because of Hard Blocks. The extension is super smart, works very well to avoid the hard blocks, however, miracles do not exist, and “the police of instagram” ends up appearing at one time or another if you do not go to wander.

Well, I have 3 more user accounts on my Windows, so I usually keep the session open on all three, and on each one I open one instance of chrome and one instance of everliker for a different IG user. Also in each one I use a different vpn. You can do something cool, you can, but you need a very powerful computer and patience at startup. I don’t do it every day.

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