Instagram News - Stories are making to Explore Page

Hello Guys,

IG is starting to push stories to the explore page now. Have you seen this too?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on strategies. Sounds like a new door to crazy growth.

I believe IG is also pushing video stories a lot more. Seems like they want to keep the video content on their platform instead of people posting it on youtube and linking through.


Hi there.
this is my forst post here, so thanks for reading it.
I’ve noticed almost the contrary on my profile (30k fans). from June 6th my engagement and reach with stories dropped nearly to the ground.
Very interesting the notation about videos. tomorrow I’ll tri to experiment it!

yes noticed it some days back as well

I have ~20k followers and can confirm this. Yesterday I posted 5-6 videos on my story and got 5,000 views when months ago I couldn’t get that number to hit 4,000. Videos are back in the game!

Yeah, IG stories on explore page are running at least for a month now (at least in my country - my profile).

So far I’ve seen 50-50 (pictures - videos) ranking in the explore page.

Instagram is pushing stories as much as possible, so I’d suggest you all focus on them. Stories will help your account grow 2x faster.

I’ve been able to get viral with the story (mentioned for the story of the hashtag) and gained like 50 new followers a day, only from stories (account had around 1,200 followers).

I’d suggest you use stories daily, keep it consistent!

  1. Never run out of stories (if you do, IG algo is going to push you back to the beginning)
  2. Use hashtags
  3. Use GEO location (is something like a free hashtag)
  4. Use Instagram features such as: Poll, quizz sticker, Question sticker, etc…

The more of your followers are going to watch the stories, the higher chances you get to appear on their home feed between first profiles.

Instagram said it once on their Twitter account (can’t find the post right now). The Instagram algorithm is preferring posts from your friends and people you engage most.

Well, if you keep stories all the time up, followers are going to watch them - or go through them… This means Instagram algorithm is going to favor you more than other accounts and put you on top of their home feed.

There are multiple methods, what you can do to appear on followers home feed between first posts and stories.