Instagram niche ideas

Hey guys,

what are the best niches for Instagram?
I got some accounts in the fashion, travel and babes niches.
Whats your best niches?
Are you very specific, or do you choose only very detailed niches.


Instead of cars, you prefer to have an account about rims.


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A niche within a niche is always better. But harder to get more followers because it’s a smaller fanbase.

try to play a bit with Google trends and see whats getting populair.




Yeah, and avoid oversaturated areas. Some exceptions apply, like women, vapes, and memes. Others not so much, like sports cars or fashion are incredibly crowded.

Think outside the box, something like historical Porsche’s where you post cropped detail shots of generational design and performance changes, something that has value for people who are really into the niche. I know Porsche fans are insane, so just using that as an example. You could go deeper :smile_cat: