Instagram Niches help + Advice

So, basically what I am doing is buying aged accounts run them on massplanner and have them a link to my landing page. But, i’m only getting like 1-2 conversions a day which isn’t even $1.

Please recommend me some good niches that is hot :fire: right now and can earn me like $2 a day or just give me advice for what i’m doing to maximize profits :slight_smile:

also here is one of my accounts I was wondering if someone can let me know if it is good
@free.reallushbomb on IG

Garbage Pail Kids is, IMO, the hottest untapped niche at the moment. Someone could really take off with it.

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wtf… wait are u being serious or joke cant even get traffic from that lmao

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I’m only half joking.

Highly collectible niche, nostalgia, 80’s. Just saying

Just noticed your username :triumph:

Why are you on private?
Why are you not posting?
^ Set up the re-post tool on a similar account if you cba creating content.
Are you optimizing follow sources, killing dead ones?

Private makes acc look better and I don’t post because it just triggers ban and doesn’t help that much according to the person who sort of introduced me to IG CPA my follow sources

Well put it this way, if an account on private followed you and it had a large amount of following and NO posts would you follow it back? Why would you? People want to see content related to their niche.

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Don’t need people to follow just need them to click link

Your missing the point


So your point is to post?

How to get the user attention if you give them content to watch and get interested ?

When you want to buy lets say food, you don’t go to an invite only restaurant with a massive bodyguard that don’t lets you in and ask you to buy the food first . You don’t have any idea how the food looks but the restaurand sended you a message to come and eat there .

That is the case with your account also, create some content, engage with others and after that start promoting what you want.