Instagram: not getting likes and comments

Hi to all,
I have problem with instagram. Approx. weekly ones when I pst not getting likes and comments on my posts if I get maybee it is 5% of normal… this last day or two than again back to normal…
My page are more than 300k and I never using hashtags.
Also when I use hashtags (I test different hashtags) I get less likes and comments, why?


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How long did you use the hashtags for? I noticed whenever I implement a new change with IG, stats go down for a day or two and then they go back up and do better than what they were before

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I seem to get the same problems on and off, i jus wait it out until i get a post go viral then all following post gets back high engagement.
Maybe you could try giving it some time as well

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don’t bother trying to find out – ig is acting so different. wait a week or so and hopefully it will return.
my big pages are all down big time in both comments and likes for the past 2 weeks and some days jumps up to normal.also IG down for hours on some days to. really hits the ER


I’m not using hashtags

I think we’re all gonna have to sit and wait for a while. I’ve been wondering why my ER has tanked as well but with everything happening on IG, I can’t really tell what’s causing this. We all just gotta sit and wait.


Try to use just a few hashtags, maybe 5-6 and check in the post stats if you will get any reach from hashtags

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Ok I try and share the results… soon…

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try to post 30 hashtag in your comment.
Split it based on competition.

I try few times it is worse than without hashtags…
I posting right now and place 6 hashtags soon I share the results…

I tried but with no success. I deleted the post before I take a screenshoot, sorry…

I can’t fully agree on the “not getting likes”, I seem to be getting less. However(!), I have gotten more engagement again after most of the blocks got lifted from most of the accounts. (~ a couple days ago)

From yesterday everything is going very well. Sure without hashtags…