Instagram not posting captions from Jarvee

This is happening for 1 week now and happens also on accounts which only repost content.
Its’ not about:

  • if you are using same hashtags
  • if you are tagging same user in his posts,
  • if you are using the same caption or a part of it over and over again

Like Jarvee say.

Any idea what is going on? Seems like part of the massive change on IG after the follow problem.


Reset the device ID, it should work.


Thanks mate, I’ll try that

@Martin_Benes Just curious if resetting the ID worked for you. I believe we should all go back to the threads we initiated and post what the results were so that when people come back and search this forum, they can see actual results. :relieved:

Hi Folks. Yes, resetting ID worked. Thanks @viral for the tip.


Today same problem. Resetting device Id not helping.

Try to log out and log back in, and try to clear error notifications.

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It might be a 400 spam block. :+1: Change proxies.

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Thanks folks. Deleting errors and logging out and in worked. Can you explain why this happens please?
It was not a spam error I think because the profile has only 6 posts and all of them are different.

I think it might just be a Jarvee glitch to be honest mate.

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Thanks Jake! Keep it up!

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No worries man, need anything else just ask :slight_smile:

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Noob question but how do you log out/log in and clear error notifications?

Reset the device ID can work but sometimes your account can be blocked for captions so reset the device ID can do nothing, you need to wait, change captions, clear cookies, change proxy

I’ve reset device ID, waited 4 - 5 days with no activity, clear cookies, still no luck and caption is coming up blank. Is clearing error notifications same as clearing cookies?

Its in the accounts section if I remember rightly. Haven’t got jarvee next to me right now though.

Can’t seem to find anything to do with clear error notifications, please let me know when you have JV with you :slight_smile:

When you are in “Tools” tab, you can find a button at the bottom of the page where you can choose a few options (drop-down menu), on of them is “Clear error notifications”. Sometimes it helps.

Get back to me if you still can not find it, I’ll provide you with a screenshot.

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Got it, huge thanks!!

I cannot find the tools option on my instagram.