Instagram only lets you create 5 accounts per device ID, so how do you mass create accounts?

i used to create lots of accounts on my computer and itd always say “smt went wrong” or smt like tht and it turned out to be because you can only create 5 accounts per device id, and device id is monitored so if you have 5 accounts theyll be lacking in quality. with this in mind, how do you mass create accounts?

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Hi dont create accounts with regular browsers, it leaves hella big footprints. Some people have said good words about multilogin program to create accounts with. I creat my accounts with “sensitive info removed”, just add the proxy you plan to do actions with and signup, then you get a uniqe device id for each account and dont leave any footprints.

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you can buy them too…

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wym sensitive info removed? how do i do that hhh

It was the modertor that just hided some sensetive words. You cannot talk about " sensitive info removed " in the open section of the forum, aand i didnt notice this was posted where it was.

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Realy sorry haha, my sleeping pill effect hasnt left my system yet so little woozy

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damn, let me know what pills you use :wink:


I’m not 100% certain on this, but I’ve made more than 5 accounts on my iPhone. I can however only remain logged into 5. I believe the limit is on concurrent logins via their mobile apps.

What is “mass create” how many? If a ton of them you should purchase them as they are cheap to buy.

If you just want to create a handful then use your tablet or I specifically have a second phone for PV on some accounts and that way I have a different SIM and different device ID with a cheap pay as I go plan.

god damnit what the heck

what could be so bad about what you said lmao. “jarvee”?

if you have a rooted phone you can actually change your device id, the thing is, i still wanna be able to access them, especially the DMs.

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In my opinion it’s not worth buying accs, as those are easily flagged. Just reset device ID and everything for 2-3 accs to be on the safeside. Also, those accs are the best quality, just saying :slight_smile:


what does “reset device id” really do? does it randomly generate an id for that account or does it just make the device id the one on my computer?

With device id I mean, the ID of the device you used to create that account. So resetting it it’s like having different phones

ik but what device id does it change it to? is it random?

Yes. With Bluestacks you could change it with Bluestacks Tweaker, which reset device ID, google analytics, phone model and everything

oh, is there a way i can tamper with the id on sensitiveinfo removed?

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