Instagram panels are down

Hey all,

I’ve been using Instagram panels to increase likes views and comments on some posts for a couple year. It recently stopped working. I tried many of them and none of the services are working anymore. So I have two questions:

  1. Is this happening to any of you and if yes have you found a panel that works ??

  2. Any alternative suggestions to boost engagement !

Thanks for your input !

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still working fine

  1. Some panels are still working and resisting Instagram updates, for how long we will see… here is one that i use sometimes for clients who want fake followers & engagement.
    igerslike . com

  2. Shoutouts from relevant accounts are best if you have big budget, all other blackhat automation methods are very risky for your account and hard to do now.

I’m looking for an SMM panel for followers to social proof my slaves

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Thanks for the advice. Added 10 bucks 3 hours ago. Ordered some comments, still didn’t receive anything…

This panel is still working for you ?
Thanks for sharing your advice.

Likes are slow or down sometimes, but most of the time all works.

This guy owns the website he promoted lol

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Yep same name as on the website :rofl:

@Instagrower @PeteAFC the panel working and this what the guy looking for.

and not only the name dears its the same photo of the avatar in the 3
here and the whatsapp where they message me and also skype

create ticket with the order id and i will take care of it.
and you can get refund anytime if you dont like the services

Okay let’s run it past @MojoJojo

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I use one “panel” is not like classic panels from one guy.
I buy mostly FB page likes and the quality is great and stable and price is ok.
For Instagram follow/likes i buy from him but not too much orders and he guaranteed me lifetime and stable followers/likes but the quality is 80% real 20% eggs profile, but for me is ok.

If someone is interested please wrote me and i will give you his skype so you can talk to him,because for the panel he need to approve you first.

Lmao promoting his own website :joy::joy::joy:

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If you want to open a sales thread, pm @Adnan and do it properly.

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@MojoJojo Thanks for inform

So is there an alternative to those panels to boost likes and views on posts ?

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There are a bunch of different panels other than JAP

Who said I was using JAP? and do you know of any that still work? cause I tried 6 or 7 of them and all of them dont work

The best panel is mine

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