Instagram pays influencer?

Hi, is it true that from a certain number of followers (100k or more) instagram pays the influencer?

nope, I don’t think that’s true, at least from where I’m, @heroeslair what do you think about this?

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Definetely not true

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There were talks about incentivizing influencers for IGTV content a while back… not sure when that’s coming.

I think not, at least still nothing about that but you can monetize the account in many other different ways.

Nope definitely not true. You can do shoutouts and promos for other pages but IG has nothing to do with that

IG is there if you are gonna pay them, but they paying you, only in your dreams :smiley:

yeah that’s true but I hope they do something like TikTok creator found and give people some of the money they took from them :grin:

They don’t have to pay the influencers to use the platform.
Yes, new platforms may do this during initial stage.

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Hopefully :smiley: but I doubt it :smiley:

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While we know that the general answer to this is no, what is interesting is new startup social platforms paying influencers to migrate across. Obviously we’re talking big accounts here.

Hell, both YT and Tiktok have used creator funds to encourage particular accounts/niches.

yes, even newer platforms are using similar strategies which is good in my opinion, because if you don’t have a revolutionary idea or tech how you make big users use your platform.

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