Instagram per hour likes limit

Is there a per hour limit you can do likes manually? Also comments?

Yes, There is limit for everything if you do something beyond the limit then it will happen.

The manual fluctuates between 100-200 an hour for warmed up accounts.

Do you mean 100-200 likes a day? Doing hundreds likes within an hour sounds dangerous.

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No, you can run 100 likes every 2 hours safely. It has to be done manually

If you are using Jarvee, we recommend starting at 10 likes per hour and having a limit of 100 - 200 likes per day. Then, each like should be done with a delay of 30 - 60 seconds.

Is there a setting course here in the formula still?

No, the only winning formula is test, test, test until you find the optimal settings :slight_smile: