[Instagram personal account] account troubles

Usually i never use forums but I cant find any solutions online and this community seems nice. I have a private profile with 19.5k followers and I’ve been locked out of it. It first started when I was in a DM conversation and instagram randomly asked me to verify my phone number. I tried clicking off of it but i couldnt. This was annoying because i had already confirmed my phone number, but I thought maybe someone tried to hack me which is nothing new, ive been hacked/almost hacked multiple times. So it said to enter the code it texted me. But the thing is, it didnt send at all. So i waited 60 seconds and tried again. Nothing. I repeated this process about 5 times and eventually the app crashed. I tried logging in and I was greeted with this message:
{“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”}
So I waited a few minutes as prompted and I was greeted with the same thing on my second attempt. It hasnt gone away yet. Could anyone help? I probably just have to wait longer, but its been about 17 hours, and im worried I wont be able to access my account again.

Just to be clear, you did all this on your phone that you usually use to access your account?

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Yes, I used the phone i’ve always used

Is it linked to a FB account?

It was linked to one for a while before i made it private

Is your account still valid?