Instagram personal account mistaken for business account?

I was doing the instagram selfie method on some accounts that were disabled this week.
What is strange is that after I send in the picture with the code, I receive an email (on two accounts), asking me to send in documents to verify that I’m the account owner. They require one of these documents:

-Local business license (issued by your city, county, state, etc.)
-Tax filing
-Certificate of Formation
-Articles of Incorporation
-Utility bill

The thing is that it’s not a business account, just a personal one.

Has anyone else had this issue and more importantly, how do you solve it?


First time I hear something like that. Just send them new message explaining that it’s a personal profile.

Yeah I’ve done that and waiting for a reply from their side though not too hopeful about their support.

Thanks @Adnan

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@Adnan and anyone else who might be interested

Instagram and their **** …

so, I got an email that my account was totally disabled after informing them that it was not a business account.

I had another account that I had contacted them as well about, and had sent the selfie with the code.

I got the same reply as well, stating that they needed proof of business.

As you can see, I had clearly filled in that it’s not a business account when I had filled in the form…

So my question is, what should I do at this point?

Contacting their support resulted in the account becoming totally disabled and not sure how they can match something that I could ‘provide’ with the information on the account, since there’s none of that…

Any ideas?


I would contact them again and explain it’s not a freakin business account. :slight_smile: