Instagram Pet accounts

Hi, there
How monetize Pets Instagram account? Which CPA or affiliate network do you recommend?
I have tried to looking for something related to this niche.

Okay so here are your best options in my opinion.

I would stay away from CPA as you are basically scamming your following however if you do want to do it this is how you would go around it.

CPA - Create an offer such as, " Free Pet Toys " visit link in BIO when they click on the link it will go to your LP what will ask them to fill out their details and verify they are human (Implement the Captcha Locket from OG ads here.

Affiliate - So you could sign up to Amazons affiliate program, find a pet product and promote it, you get 5% on all sale or google Pet Affiliate Promotions as-well as check ClickBank

Other ideas.

Sell the page to a pet business/brand
Sell Shoutouts
Grow the account/ and do the ideas above when you are even bigger

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Why not dropshipping? There’s a lot of cheap stuff you can offer to people with pets.

For example this:

It’s just $1.00, you can offer it for free + $5 shipping :slight_smile:
So, $4 profit.


Don’t know how I forgot that out of all the options :sob:

Or give something away for their email which you can market as long as they stayed subscribed, the good old fashion sweepstake :slight_smile:

Interesting… say more, say more :slight_smile:

Well this is the Pet niche which i am not familiar with but i’ll give it a shot, you could give away 10 great looking dog collars all they have to do is fill out their email, (i suggest double optin so people have to get you out of the spambox) and now you have their email and you hit then with dog content/offers.

Pull the winners and let them post pictures of them with their winnings so your next sweep stake will be even better because you have proof that you really give away the prices.

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That’s what I had in mind as well when I read your initial comment, but wanted to make sure. There are some cool twists that use to work on FB back in the day, it might be worth testing them on IG as well.


Hey buddy at a glance at this I saw an IG profile posting this on your cats account!

Maybe you can sell t-shirt with teespring, you just find best selling t-shirt design with pet niche. Pay some one to make design better and sell it. But it’s just my thought,hehe…

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