Instagram phishing scam warning

Hi, one of my clients received message on their WhatsApp from random number +90 (Turkey) i think that is pretending to be from Instagram and asking to click the link that leads to a phishing website. Luckily he asked me if its real message before he continue and as soon as i saw it i knew it was scam and told him to block number immediately. So be aware and maybe you should send small attention/warning message to your clients just to stay alert in case they get such messages to not click any links. I attach this fake message and link below so you can see.

This is how the fake website looks like :

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They will have a lot of results :rofl:


I just don’t understand why these scammers don’t at least try to proofread their messages before sending :grin:

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My favorite part of this e-mail is how they replaced the real address of Instagram HQ, which is (really!) “1 Hacker Way” with Google’s address.


Doing God’s work here

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You read my mind.

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I know some of these guys, they do 20-40k $ on a bad month :slight_smile:
Survival of the fittest.

Until knock knock on their door… no money is worth 1 day of prison believe me

True, not ecouraging it nor am I doing it.
The thing is, its almost impossible to get caught, they phish with hacked whatsapp accounts + turkey doesn’t give a fuck about it since they mostly phish non turkish accounts.

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It doesn’t matter where you are based. Most countries are friendly with the US and extradite criminals. They may think people won’t report loss of account but this is serious crime and many go to the police to report it, i don’t know laws and what police can do to help victims but eventualy whoever is doing this will make some mistakes, if not now maybe after months or years they involve in other type of cybercrime and get busted then all the money collected over years will be spent on lawyers and protection to not get ass f… in cell but nevermind, discussion is going in wrong direction.

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A couple month ago, friend got a collaboration offer email with an example sponsored instagram post link (except the a href was actually going to a phishing IG login page). The hackers took over her account within a minute of her trying to login to the phishing page. My guess is they probably have a script that auto login what the phishing site collects instead of someone actually trying the results out by hand, in case someone tries what you did to mess with them.

Please send them a personal message and tell them to sort out their grammar! :laughing: They will triple their earnings.


First of all they have a really bad grammer
Secondly, im going to DDOS the shit out of this website in moments

If people get hacked for loggin to whatsapp message of “Instagram” then he deserves it. These people need to learn to think before doing this.

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Customer sent this in as they got hacked. Never seen the IG address at the bottom of the email as Dublin, Ireland have you? Guessing that the customer saw this email, clicked where it says SECURE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE and game over.