Instagram phone verification wave?

Hi everyone !

I’m running IG automation for about 10 months now, doing the mother and child method since 1 month and never had experienced before PV. As we all recently got hit by this follow blocks waves, I was wondering if you too, got hit by this PV wave ? But my case is weird, let me explain :

I’m using 2 licenses of Jarvee, with approx. 70 accounts.

  • Around 20 accounts are on my laptop, with a 4g dongle and a distant 4g proxy (3-4 acc/proxy for 12 hours shift). Most of the accounts that were active got PV, and at the same time ! (Or a few minutes/hours delayed).

  • Around 50 acc are on a VPS, which I run from my laptop, using ipv4 proxies (1acc for 1 proxy). Everything was running pretty smoothly since yesterday evening. I just added 5 more acc with 1:1 ipv4 proxies, and started to create a feature I never used before : the comment tool, with spintax+++ (up to 2000 possibilities for each comment). Like, 4 acc sent 1 comment. That’s all. I didn’t change anything else, except this.

I’ve searched a bit everywhere about PV’s, as it’s my first ones. It’s really weird the PV wave got hit my VPS, AND my own laptop with Jarvee working with a 3G Dongle. Like, i don’t think IG can link the VPS and my laptop though the remote desktop application thing.

So, I used GETSMSCODE to go to Valid again. I see that i need to give them some rest after Phone Valid, because one acc tested got asked to get PV again. I will try to give them 1 day off.

This is so weird. Did you experienced it too ?

Thanks in advance,


  1. What mobile proxies do you use?
  2. Why do you use a 4g dongle AND 4g proxies?
  3. What settings do your run on these accounts?

I pretty sure that your setup is pretty bad. 3-4 accounts on a mobile proxy is way too high unless your are talking about raw-mobile proxies.

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99% of these threads are a unique situation and not a wave.


Hey @denis1 - Before I switched to real numbers I used GETSMSCODE. I spent well over $500 on verification codes on those cheap chinese numbers. Everything was smooth in the beginning but eventually you start running into Daily PV’s. You have to think it’s pretty strange to get a chinese number when Instagram is banned in China. I think these numbers are flagged from the start.

After the first 20 or so PV’s you then run into the problem of getting disabled right after verifying.

Your spintax is weak.

Get away from virtual sim numbers.

You should go with 1 acc/proxy unless it is raw proxy.

Again, you should try to move on mobile proxies (especially nowadays)

Use at your own risk.

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If he’s using a 4g dongle its equivalent to a raw mobile. The standard is to add a new account once every 12 hours (as you’ll get a new IP in most cases). So if you’re adding 5 accounts on to the same proxy at the same time that’s going to look suspicious to IG.

I’d stay away from the comment tool, it’s nothing but a nightmare to manage. If you’re hell bent on going forward with that strategy, I’d have a look at some of the free spintax guides on here. Ideally you’re looking for 400+ billion combinations. Make sure you’re spintax has a good amount of variations before adding in Emojis.

Hello Damian !

On my laptop i use Jarvee 30 accounts licenses because it only has 2 Gb RAM. So, to be able to run 15-20 acc, I needed at least two 4G proxy :

  • I use AirProxy for the half of them, since 2 months, and it was going pretty good, was running smoothly 5 acc on 12 hours shift without problems.

  • And for the half others, I use a 4G dongle, which is plug on my laptop (from where it has the internet connexion).

To be honest i would love to have multiple dongles instead of a 4G proxy, but I don’t know how to do it.

That’s why I have a 16 GB RAM VPS, on top of that.

-The settings are very soft, with a nice warmup starting at 20 follow per day +25 everyday, follow 1 per hour (+1 every day), and maxxed out 190 follows per day, with 11 maximum per hour. Unfollow same. No (or almost) no Likes for all of them. DM yes : around 20 to 50 per day, but they barely send 30 each, and never got DM blocked !

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I didn’t add any account on my mobile dongle 4G or 4G proxy since 1 month, so i do not think it’s the problem.

Then, I probably fucked myself with the comment tool.

Hell. Do you think that now, every new account added to Jarvee will might get PV too ? I mean… Looks like IG tracking me aha

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It could still be an issue, IG doesn’t want you to figure out their detection system. For all you know these accounts were flagged on Day 1 but only started getting limited on Day 20.

Alright, thank you for your replies.

I was running smoothly with IPV4 before I started the comment toon yesterday…

And yes, I shouldn’t use GETSMSCODE. But I didn’t find any solution on how to recover my PV’ed accounts without that. It seems like they’re probably lost, if they go into PV loop :frowning:

Not gonna comment again


Wow, so sick.

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yeap Its happening to me. I contacted MP . Facebook has found out the algorithm of the program. I hope they change it in away that its not recognised anymore by facebook.

Not really strange. I live in China and a lot of people here use Instagram. Obviously they need a Chinese number for verification and it does work. I got the verification code when I needed it.

Okay guys, actually I can’t find my accounts on the Instagram “search”.

I guess they all got disabled. It’s useless to try to phone verificate them i guess. Just gonna hang myself aha.

And I just sent 5 comments, can’t believe it !

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What the hell does this even mean? :joy:
On a more serious note, how is it possible that people like this are still in the business?

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Ladies and gents, please stop opening new threads on topics that have been discussed hundreds of times.

To address this new “wave” trending topic - there is never a “wave” as everyone uses unique set of settings / proxies / numbers / accounts and has very different level of experience.

If someone wants to ask about their own situation, give as much information to the community as possible and ask your questions directly. Having to extract information that should have been provided is a waste of everyone’s time.