Instagram phone verify stopped working

I have 3 different #'s I use to verify my Instagram accounts. I only use the same # 3 times per week and no account has the # saved to it. Well over the past week, no #'s work to unlock any accounts, I never get the 6 digit code sent. Thoughts?

Just to confirm, how many accounts were you using for each number? Also, you might need to wait for 24 hours or couple of days before you try to reverify the account again as sometimes, IG will stop sending the code if you do it over and over again in a short period of time.

i only use the same # 3 times per week, then go into the profile and delete the number for that account. i have been using the one # with no issue for over a year, the other two numbers for about 2 months.

Wow, I am amazed that you were using that method for a long time as that will actually not work. So I assume you are using the same numbers for more than 20+ accounts now?

yes, instagram doesn’t save numbers from what i know unless you keep it saved in your profile. what method do others use to phone verfiy since most people only have one phone?

they don’t lock accounts with the same numbers, but I am pretty sure they keep track of what numbers were used to verify an account. You left a huge footprint there by using the same numbers over and over again to verify different accounts…

yes but what was i suppose to do? just never unlock them? do you have a way of phone verifying? those smvpa sites just get your account banned. i have 3 phone numbers that it seems may never use again.

Get separate sim card for each account. That’s the safest way.

Check this service, there’s a nice discount at the moment:

have you used these sims or is this your offer? how long does a sim last and how many texts can it receive? the sims i have now are $4 per month to keep active and can get 100 texts per month.

I’m using them right now. Read the sales thread everything is explained there.
They’ll work at least 6 months, you can receive as many sms as you want…

the google link does not work

It should work now. Try it.

404 page, tried two different computers.