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out of interest, can somebody recommend me some photo scraper tools, which I can use?

I am asking this, since I am looking for a IG Scraper Tool that can fetch posts based on hashtags. I know, you can do it on IG itself, but that search is pretty limited, as you can only look for posts based one hashtag.

Are there tools that can do multiple hashtags as well? The tool doesn’t have to be for free. Keen to hear your responses :slight_smile:


VurKu - Download all Instagram Posts by a certain Hashtag (images/videos exported to zip file or post data exported to excel)

Try this:
It might break though if Instagram changes something - but you should be able to scape more Images for no money.

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The easiest way to scrape photos from Instagram is by using the Instagram crawler template in Octoparse directly. The best part is I don’t need to code or spend lots of time learning how to use it.

Or use Jarvee which is the most trustworthy and effective.

Well, I do have such software. You can scrape even 1000 hashtags per operation, but that tool is private and won’t be cheap. If you need other alternatives, you can use Jarvee :slight_smile:

And sneaky sales are against the forum guidelines :o)

He keeps posting about how he has ‘this’ and ‘that’. It’s getting boring.

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