Instagram plays reach "hide and seek"

Hey all,
need your help, since Instagram is making me crazy lately.
First of all wanna thank all of you who share amazing advice, I read a lot of interesting subjects here on the forum.

So, this is happening for the second or third time to my personal profile with around 45k,
travel niche, high-quality content, etc. :
I was having good engagement, likes per post around 5k (more or less) and at one point, something happened like Instagram lowered exposure for my profile and it all dropped to barely 1500likes per post.

So I worked hard with everything I could do (didn’t buy followers, likes and stuff) (stopped using f/uf long time ago) to get back to normal, and after a while it did. But again like a week ago it happened again. It feels something like whenever I reach a peak with my posts, likes, engagement, this stupid platform makes me lose reach and likes again.

Can someone tell me what is going on?
thanks a lot!

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This is sad to say, but nowadays only a few IG accounts can have a “great” organic reach & growth like it used to be.

If you look at many IG influencers insights with amazing and creative content, most of them are barely growing, some even aren’t getting any new followers, despite the quality content they share. These times are over for many, eventho it still works for some, going with the trend.

But when you see a good engagement & good growth, you can be sure that it’s most likely thanks to an “added strategy” than just posting stories and new content.

So, what are “still working for some” doing right and what I’m doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Also, now that we are talking about growth,
what is the way to do it now? when it’s so complicated and dangerous doing automation?

  • To be honest, i really don’t know. Viral stuff, many repost and @quotes … But to be able to always keep up with that flow, you need to produce non-stop creative and awesome content.

  • I just feel it’s way more easy to bring traffic to the account, instead. You can do it by automation, many still use automation here :slight_smile: Or manual, it works aswell. There’s also other strategies with stories if verified, or M/S, 2.80 … Tons of ways to bring it up, the more you mix them, the more it’s gonna grow.

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we had the same conversations this time last year about the same topic. low everything on insta. Wait a few weeks, post regular and it will improve. just as it did this time the last two years – by mid march ya should be back on track. ( historically speaking )


Haha, I just don’t get used to it easy :smile:

Anyway, does anyone know reason for it?

or proxy used good?

And the thing is, I don’t use any automated methods for more than 8 months. That’s why I’m worried about what is going on. :confused:

I’m not doing any automation.

Instagram is playing reach hide and seek with me too. You’re not alone, if that’s any comfort

It’s just the way Instagram is right now. It lowers Reach in waves among users periodically.

Whether you accept it or you try to bring extra traffic to your account, by using for example ads =money or by taking part into pods and groups =manual work =time.

Otherwise, there’s not much to be done.

I also think instagram “cycles” reach in an attempt to keep as many people happy as possible. Every once in a while they’ll throw you a bone with excellent reach

Yap, I figured it’s like that, bit was worried why me :confused:
Anyhow thanks!

Glad t hear I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

Happens to me every month it seems. Extremely frustrating.

Happening to me now. My reach last week was outrageous, but now its been pretty rough since friday