Instagram please help

guys instagram was locked due to suspicious inactivity on the 27th of december , tried logging back in via email did not work , tried mobile does not send the security code to my mobile to get back online. have tried making a new instagram to request a support but just don’t get anywhere as it is not the account that i registered the instagram from( this email i registered instagram with us no longer active as it was used over 7 years ago)

surely somebody here knows what is going on has instagram blocked my number? do i need to re try with a different phone or what?? this is stressing me out , it was just over two weeks ago i managed to get back into my account the same i tried with new instagram account as somebody had hacked the account .

any help guys

Try to make a password reset, after that request the phone verification again. In some cases that helps with weird account behavior.

Still cannot gain access to my account. Do they tend to unlock accounts after a period of time? Never met a more frustrating task in all my life to get something back that belongs to you.

It does not belong to you.

Quite clearly the pictures I have on the account don’t belong to anybody else and the friends lol

have you tried to emailing them about your issue?

Tried every possible way