Instagram possibly blocking by unfollows per IP address?

Something I noticed. My home IP seems to get me blocked from following/unfollowing people pretty fast.

The app was blocking me until I cleared the storage and cache then logged back in using a different IP. No block and going fast.

I tried the browser tied to my home IP and blocked from there after 30 unfollows. Cleared cookies. Still blocked. Cleared cookies and used VPN in other country. No block.

Using the app I’ve unfollowed 400+ today manually without a block and on mobile data.

Anyone know what the limits are on an IP? How they handle this?

I don’t think they limit the number of actions per IP.
How many users did you unfollow with VPN on your browser? Using home IP should be better than using VPN.

I got 700-750 unfollowed with VPN in a few hours. Couldnt do more then 50 with home address. Home address before had over 1k unfollowed. So something is definitely tied to IP address. Im still way active on another account today with different vpns or mobile and seem to have zero issues with likes or follows. In 3 hours followed 500 people with no blocks. Never could do this much before without blocks.

Well, most probably your home IP got flagged because of some of your actions in the past that IG didn’t like. If you misused your home IP for using many IG accounts on it with aggressive settings, most probably it’s flagged and now you get blocked very fast. How many IG accounts you used on this home IP at the same time? You should definitely try to avoid actions from this IP for some time.

Max at same time is 2. Anything else runs on vpn. With only 1 account being aggressive and other just normal use. No adding or following or anything. Both old accounts.

Try to not execute more than 10.000 actions per month on a 2-month average. This way you should be able to avoid issues based on limits. Referring to the information you provided, high peak actions might have caused you some problems short term and will cause you problems long term.

High peak actions also make it hard to determine where the issues are coming from. Especially if you are running a low number of accounts as reference points.

Sooner or later it will “snap”

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I myself mostly rely on 200 actions per day. Also, wouldn’t suggest using a vpn for this - their IP addresses are easy to distinguish: most marketers use proxies.

Also, if you believe your IP has been flagged, I suggest you have a look at this blog entry:

Stay safe!

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Thanks guys. Yesterday i didnt do much activity on the account. No issues. Today i posted a photo on home wifi. No issues. An hour later saw something cool on feed. Tried to like it. Blocked again.

Got off home wifi. Got on mobile broswer. No issues. Can like and comment on anything. Pisses me off more because the inconvience it causes.