Instagram Posting without White borders

When posting a vertical photo, I’m often getting the white borders on the edge when posting,

Tried using the “Crop instead of adding white borders” feature but it crops it instead of when I post manually from iPhone Instagram grabs the photo as is with no issues…

This is throwing off the aesthetic we are going for.

What would fix this?

Thank you guys!!

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Could you post a screenshot? Or maybe an example?

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Also looking for the answer to this let me know if you find a solution! :slight_smile:

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make sure the picture is 1080x1080 px. if not, resize it with photoshop or canva

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This is the photo:

its dimensions are 4000x6000

when posting on IG using “Crop instead of adding white borders” it crops it weird, when posting without “Crop instead of adding white borders” it has white borders, and when just opening the photo manually in iPhone to post it posts it perfectly…

Is it the dimensions?

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Square Pic
1080 x 1080 px
Aspect ratio: 1:1
Format: JPG, PNG o GIF

Vertica Pic
1080 x 1350 px
Aspect ratio: 1:1.25
Format: JPG, PNG

Orizontal Pic
1080 x 566 px
Aspect ratio: 1.91:1
Format: JPG, PNG o GIF


Duncanm the maximum resolution ratio of a portrait photo is 4:5 (width:height). So your 4000px width needs to have a maximum height of 5000px for it to upload and be displayed without the white side borders.

I usually crop and resize all portrait photos and videos to 1080x1350 (like @typhoon mentioned) before I upload.

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Thank you guys will try it out!

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is this used for stories as well? the only resolutions I know for IG are 1080x1080 (feed) and 1080x1920 (stories)
IGTV i dont know as I’ve never used yet

This is only for post

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