Instagram + Print on Demand

Have you ever tried to promote T-Shirt business with instagram?
I’m starting it right now with some basic designs on spreadshirt
just simple sayings, first i’ll create some german stuff and later
i’ll do english sayings

there are guys with 10k+ designs making 1 - 1.5 k € a month passive income
after they did all the work. only from the marketplace without promoting it
here is some inspiration from me

how much time the creation process takes

here is a video from that guy, it’s in german but you can turn on subtitles

this are my payouts with only 50 designs that i did in 2017
now i want to scale it up


You the best

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Nice do You have any clients on this t-shirts?

no, all sales i made are from the spreadshirt marketplace,
i dont know how people find or why they even buy my shit haha
you can can promote your own shop, wich you can create on spreadshirt

In my honest opinion, I would’nt buy any of my own designs myself lol

who the fuck pay’s 10€ for this shit hahaha

my bestsellers so far

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True businessman :joy::wink:

so whats your approach here?

building a niched page that can gain you traffic?
Building a brand page with all products there?
Promoting with ads?
Promoting with shoutouts from bigger accounts?

Also just curious, where and how do you find the quotes and how do you get traffic to spreadshirt today?

I used to sell some phone cases that were POD, by doing shoutouts but didnt really generate a lot tbh

I am sure that you can make a good amount of money if you target the right users or if you pay FBads. Take into account that there is a lot of people right now creating their own shopify stores and selling their dropshipping items via Instagram.

If you use print on demand, you won’t have to take care of stock or client issues, which is amazing. But I am not sure about the conversion rates, as I have never used it, so I can’t tell.

But it’s a great idea that I want to test, though