Instagram prototypes “Latest Posts” feature

Not the chronological feed, but kind of fix :eyes:


Maybe they should prototype this new thing called “Chronological Feed” and see how well it does :roll_eyes:

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Very nice idea finally.

They dropped the useless ‘gossip’ tab a few months ago, at least now users could choose themselves between a ‘selected for you’ and a ‘latest posts’ feed and, as @ian says, they ll see what works better for the user!!

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they will now it by what how many people prefer clicking on latest post ?

cuz i think they will let it like that lol , i dont see them totally switching to chronological feed but hey at least this can really get organic reach back again , lol you see what competition can do to a billion company suddenly they start doing changes when they are seeing tiktok is not a little trend but a serious competitor let’s hope they get back their platform to a good level instead of finishing like facebook paytoplay

If people don’t click on the latest posts feed, then they were right removing it.

Otherwise, for us is definitely good, cause it’s extra organic reach, even if it’s a few users.

surprisingly now they care about organic reach creators,users … same time where tiktok is a real competitor and expanding more every month