Instagram - proxies - phone verification

I have couple Ig accounts. One of them is doing very well (31k followers). At the moment I am using uk proxies but I would like to switch to usa proxies (they are cheaper and on offer (like buy 1 get 1 free). Some of my accounts are PVA (uk numbers). Do you think I will get in troubels if I switch to usa proxies? What if Instagram ask for another PV and I will use uk numbers. I have a lot of uk sim cards.
Many thanks

Since it’s 31k i don’t think to worth the risk to change your proxy i prefer always to work on same proxy but you can try

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Yes, Salamouna is right about the risk. I would suggest only using proxies that is the same country as you were using before to minimize your risk.

thanks guys, I think I will try with other accounts. It is all about money savings. For the same price I will get 2x proxies and uk sim cards are dirty cheap.

@jacoo you should be fine with switching proxies I think, after all, normal people do that all the time. Just make sure when you switch that you also have access to the old proxy for 1-2 days to make sure the new one works ok.

Thanks Johny - another question: Would it be possible to phone verify my account with Uk sim card if I use USA proxies

Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem, right now many people use smspva for PV and it works. smspva uses russian numbers and clients have accounts all over the world.

ok, so changed proxy to usa one (I was running this account on uk proxy for over 6 months) without problems. All works :slight_smile: