Instagram proxy app for ios or android

I understand but i need smth different you know the chrome vpn extension Hola that lets you browse different websites from different locations all within chrome? This is what i need but in this case should be with different apps inside the phone.

Yes i know but it would be still better than accessing my accounts from different user-agents and also different geos.

Thank you i will give it a try is there any IOS version ?

I’m too looking for a proxy solution for mobile devices (android) and android emulator (memu in particular). I want to have all traffic that the device/emulator use to be thorough a http proxy. If anyone got a solution let me know, I’ve tried using proxydroid on memu and it doesn’t work, tried WiFi settings proxy and it doesn’t tunnel Instagram app traffic. Several other apps from play store didn’t help either.

@Grammer0 Use proxifier :slight_smile:

i was about to suggest the same

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You mean for windows host and memu guest? Tried it, but since I’m using network on memu guest my wifi adaptor (I need it in order to connect with the adb from the host to guest) the memu emulator traffic gets bypassed and goes straight from wifi.

honestly, no Idea what you just said, but if you want to sniff apps data just fire it up on memu, and use proxifier to proxy the traffic

I’m not using nat or bridged, so proxifier does not work as traffic is not tunneled though the host’s nat.

It would be the easy way, and if it’s possible I would suggest just doing that, you can try ‘proxydroid’ , it should work as memu is rooted out of the box

My automation setup requires setting up the guest’s network using my wifi network card. Because of this, the guest’s internet traffic goes straight through the wifi card bypassing the hosts network routes (in this case proxifier rules). So using proxifier doesn’t work in this case. Using ProxyDroid doesn’t work for me on Memu, don’t actually know why but it seems to be a problem encountered by many others. ProxyDroid app GUI apparently connects to the HTTP proxy but actually is not tunneling anything and the HTTP proxy is not even receiving the connect request.

Strange, maybe it’s just memus issue? Because I remember using proxydroid sucesfully on a real device.
Still can’t understand why would you want to use external wifi cards instread of bridging your PCs internet? It’s not like 1Gbps is not enough ) Please elaborate a bit more so we would have a better view

I’m using adb over wifi as I need to connect the adb from Windows to the one in the Emulator.

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To me it looks like you’re overcomplicating stuff… Are you 100% you can’t use adb while bridging the network?

I’m using adb wireless on my guest memu, works only through wifi. Tried it without wifi (tried with nat) using the internal network ip (10.x.x.x) and it doesn’t work. The app I use on guest is called adbwireless.

Use Ko Player, in ko player if you will assign proxy in wifi settings it will be applied to whole system means all the traffic will be go through the proxy for all apps it will work.
And if still you have any issues with that just DM me I will send you adb command method.

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Seems Ko is for pay. While it can be useful I’m looking for a freeware as I need to use it on various computers.

It’s free I think. Check again

It’s not. Would you mind sharing the adb command method?

yes why not. I am happy to help always. hit me in inbox.

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I would love to have the command also please :slight_smile:

Check the full method here. I have created public topic so all users can use the method.