Instagram Proxy Question

Hey y’all,

quick question regarding using proxies for the use of Jarvee-instagram. Searching past threads and comments has helped a lot so far and has answered most of my questions, but I had a few I couldn’t find the exact answer for so I thought I’d ask y’all.

A little background info:
I realized I thought I’d give a Jarvee a try and see if I could learn a few things about it myself as I have never used any type of automation. I have a Mac so I downloaded a VPS (Amazon’s free AWS to be exact) and downloaded Jarvee on there. I wanted to use Jarvee for my two main personal accounts, but I thought I’d use a separate guinea pig account to figure all the functions out before using my own. I have yet to log into any accounts however, because from what I have seen from here, a proxy is needed since many AWS IPs are blocked. So from searching for proxies and trying to learn about them a more, I ran into a few questions.

  1. Is there a major difference between a ‘private’ and ‘social media’ proxy? These were some of the options shown on ‘High Proxies’.
  2. Are 4G proxies much more efficient proxies for Instagram automation or does it not matter.
  3. Would regularly logging into my Instagram accounts from my phone/residential area set off any alarm for Instagram if they are being automated on one of my proxies as well.

Thanks in advance for answers.

  1. There’s no such thing as social media proxy cause you need to know if it is datacenter, IP4, 4g, private, dedicated etc
  2. Yes, they are. There’s no other quality than 4g (except 5G :slight_smile: ) - 4G are proxies that uses SIM cards (and I go the extra mile and I am using real phones to extract the proxy) and those social media apps love to run on a phone mobile connection.
  3. Not really. Don’t do automation on phone and on the same time on Jarvee
  1. not really important since 4g is working the best on automation
  2. yes they are u can be on 5-7 users per proxy and im doing that with 300+ clients
    3.yes it will cause some trouble dont automation on jarvee and do actions on same time its triggers hard blocks

Thanks for all your answers @mrspuf and @Orel_Sasi!

I’ll be on the look out for a 4g proxy then instead. Regarding question 3. So if I have jarvee running on my personal account and if I like/comment on just a few posts on the same account on my phone, that would be an issue. So would I have to turn off jarvee whenever I would like to manually do things on my account via my phone?

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It really depends on what actions you are doing.

Like for instance, there’s no point to mass story vote on a mobile when you can just as easily do it with datacenters. If you want to do follows, then 4g is the way to go and @HenryCooper has the cheapest 4g’s for the price that I’ve ever seen so those are great to start :slight_smile:

  1. No difference. There are 3 types: datacenter, residential, and mobile.
  2. 4G proxies (mobile) are the best proxies, but an IP > proxy. I personally think for 1-3 accs your residential IP from your wifi router is one of the best options with the least issues
  3. IG can tell based on multiple loginns, locations, andn device IDs. Some accounts get issues, while others never have a problem.

Yes, that’s a solution

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