Instagram punishing your account for using automation

I´ve been watching some client accounts that I manage and all of them are behaving the same way after using Jarvee for a year or more.

After the June bans I stopped using automation and all the accounts seems shadowbanned somehow, they post great content periodically but no grow and more than 50% lost of ER, loosing some followers each day, between 5 and 10 somedays.

It has been more than 14 days without using automation but the behavior persists. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

For getting out of shadowbann try to run some campaigns for 2-3 days with $4-$6 for each account promoting one new post.

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Take in consideration that a lot of Likes you were receiving were from the new Followers, its normal that your ER drop when you stop getting new ones, its not about shadowban here :slight_smile:


“Great content” is relative. If their content had really been outstanding, the account would grow naturally.


That probably could be bots/fakes that are massively deleted by IG during the last time…


I´ve seen reports against this. I´ve run a 3 day campaign on one of the accounts for 10$, but the followers lost continues.

No fake follows, they are all small accounts under 10k following real and audited accounts with less than 20k follows, small country

I mean among your followers could be your “real followers” that were “fake/bot” in IG eyes and that’s why they disappeared if you know what I mean

Hmm, could be. But running several analytics on the accounts reveal most real followers.