Instagram purging accounts?

Recently I’ve noticed that some likes have been disappearing from my newer posts (one lost around 300ish) and my older posts have been fine and have the same amount of likes. At first I thought it was people just disabling their accounts because sometimes some likes would reappear but then I start to loose them again. Could it be that Instagram is deleting some accounts?

Yes Instagram is very strict now days . Me and my friend lost 15 accounts in one day with 2.5 mil followers base.

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Were most of the accounts inactive? Or why would Insta delete them out of nowhere?

I don’t think it happens out of nowhere. Probably there is something that IG didn’t like about these accounts… they seemed fake, they overused actions on IG, were not able to verify accounts, etc.

Wouldnt be too surprised. My take is that this is going to intensify before the election even more. Should pay close attention to Twitter, Insta and FB

I agree with you. I wish Instagram wasn’t so strict like it is now. I miss the old days where you could perform as many actions as you wanted and when the algorithm wasn’t messed up.


We all miss those days. :smiley: However, even in the past, the automation was hard and very challenging for some, while other were doing awesome. It all depends how determined you are to succeed, to learn, to dig information and achieve what you have planned. I’m thankful that I came across Jarvee, since they keep up with everything that changes and always offer solutions that worked for me personally.

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Damn every few weeks there is some post claiming IG is doing purges, the thing is its a non stop process, IG never stops purging accounts.

I understand that but this year they have been much more consistent with doing it more and also a lot more people are loosing their accounts because they are unable to verify their accounts. It’s annoying because people have put years of hard work into their accounts and then can just simply loose it all so fast.

Just because you don’t see it,or it doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean they are not doing it.
Imagine how many fake accounts their system detects,they purge probably thousands/tens of thousands of accounts daily.

But yet they ignore the accounts that post horrific content such as gore, animal abuse, child abuse, etc. smh