Instagram reach and business manager

Hey there,
I’m having a ton of trouble with my IG account… My normal reach has gone down to 1/4 of what it was before, and even with ads, the reach is terribly low. all of a sudden it just went down.
Is anyone experiencing something like this? I may have a shadow ban from music on reels, but I took the video down immediately, but does a shadowban also affect the ads?

Thanks for the help ^^

shadow bans will definitely affect your reach, what have you changed in the way you post/manage your account that can affect your reach?

I’ve noticed lower than normal reach lately when posting outside of the app, but app posting (organic) remains strong. There’s a lot of trust on those accounts as well, however (manual actions only).

Check out your sources and see where it seems to be lagging. Is it follower engagement, hashtags, explore, etc.

You shouldn’t have a problem with ad reach, check your targeting to make sure the desired action is cost effective though. You can also diagnose your ad performance using Business Suite/Ads Manager.

You mean your ad CPM’s went 4x higher? If that is the case, it’s highly weird, if that happens in adset level…

If your ORGANIC reach has gone down 4x since starting paid ads… Its normal, IG lowers your organic reach when you start paid ads, same thing always happens to me.

im experiencing exactly the same thing

  1. when it’s start for you ?
  2. did you use some service to increase impression?

My hashtag reach is down from the normal of around 50% to 1 % and it`s been going on for about 2 months …

Hey thanks for responding!
I always post from the app, I do have a small account and post around 3 times a week, I know its not ideal, but its beauty related and I can’t create one per day… The higher stats are from around 2 months ago, the lower engagement ones are from the past few weeks. Anyhow I always put an AD on each post I make, it’s a small AD, 1€ during 24hours, so it is more visible, before, a picture would gain over 1000 likes with that 1€ AD, now, the same ad is getting 200 with that 1€… The quality of the content is getting much better from what everyone tells me, but engagement is just crappy…

Hey, I’ve been trying the ladder hashtags, but the reach is really low on those posts… I tried using and it really just hasn’t worked for me at all… Absolutely terrible…

Hey, it started about 3ish weeks ago… I always create an AD through facebook business manager for 1€ during 24hours so it gets noticed more, but before I used to get over 1000likes or minimum 5000 impressions, now, im literally getting 250 likes or 1700 impressions max…

I tried using for my hashtags but that worsened everything…

I mean the reach per AD has gone down… Before I used to get 1000 likes or a 5000++ reach with 1€/24h Ad, now im on 200 likes or 1700 reach

My organic reach (from home page) is more or less the same, (I have 7k followers and usually reaches 1000 of them) Which I guess is pretty low… I sent the stats in another reply on this same post if you want to see them

What were your cpms before? What kind of campaign objective?

The objective was interaction, and tbe cpms before used to be around 0.08-0.30 max

Reels even with copyright violation does not seem to shadow the account . Feed posts and others do. Home reach seems normal however explore and hashtag reach down big time

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Any idea how to fix this, or why this could be?

You are doing ads and this decrease reach and such. Take ads off for now and see how it does. Btw it tells me your ads need improvement on the creatives or selection of targets after ads stop it takes time for it to reach back to normal levels. The whole feed is down now because of covid but mostly Christmas time historical records tell me it’s slow. January will be slow too

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Ok! I’ll stop the ads until January or so see if the reach has picked up, and will redo the targets to see if it starts to work better when I restart!
Thanks so much for your help !

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For the rest of the folks. One of my accounts has 4 copyright violation on reels and they say video was taken down. It was not by insta but I removed them anyway and it has not shadowed my account. That account grows at 2k to 5k a day currently. It seems that reels is independent of the normal feed except for followers . That’s what when I post a reel I sometimes delete it off my profile grid. It does not seem to effect it and keeps the feed clean


CPM’s always increase in December (end of Q4) because big businesses are spending their end of year marketing budget. That may be the issue as well - the CPM increase is usually 2x-3x in q4, sometimes even more during bfcm.

Did you edit the campaign or any of the adsets? Changed the targeting locations or anything else?