Instagram reach by creating mobile farm!

hi everyone
my plan is to create a 10k account on Instagram to boost my posts through the automation system. if you have any suggestions or other solutions let me know.


they will just be considered as fake accounts probably and not impact a push to explore page.

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Thank you jop? Any suggestions tho?

Your better of using growth methods to bring in real traffic. Otherwise just use smm panels to buy cheap likes if you don’t care about insights.

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Thank you hero.

I tried alot, one of my accounts has 2k followers my average reach on each post is 2k as well, the problem is that i dont get likes more than 15 on each post, the account doesn’t grow at all.

What can i do? And what growth methods i can use?

Mother slave, Mass dm, Facebook ads.

You probably want to look at making better content also. Thats probably the main reason people are not liking.

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I Agree with heroslair, M/S is the one that works the best.

You can use jarvee, go to Global Tools and use the Automated Creation of IG accounts. But first you need the 4g proxies to be used and put them in rotating form, so you can have several accounts with different IPs.

If you get the premium account in jarvee you also have access to the like sharing tool, where you can gather credits from all the accounts and use them in your main account whenever needed.

In the meantime, you should have 6 scrappers per slave, each slave can send 50-150 follows/day. With the pro account you have unlimited scrapers and can use normal jarvee accounts as slaves to scale up quickly.

This way you can generate and manage 100-150 accounts at the same time. Put some time into making them unique from each other and focus on the places where your clients are.

Put them to follow this public slowly and overtime you create DM campaigns while using spin text. If you have 100 accounts sending 100 msgs per day each, that is 10k msgs/day. Consider a conversion rate of 0.5-5% and you have some idea of what to expect overtime.

These accounts will be your legit fans and act like it, indicating to others that your account is something that they missed. It is better than just creating a slave that is only talking about one account.

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Is it a fully automated system? Where to start? and how much money will cost.

100 dms per account? Wow


Thank you hero

well, assuming aged profiles and warmed up accounts, you can do more than that.