Instagram Reach Extremely Inconsistent

Hey guys my accounts for my eCommerce stores are extremely inconsistent with hashtag engage and explore reach. Some times a picture with 500likes will have had 13% come from hashtags, but ones with 1k+ likes with the hashtags have like 8-20 (not percent) shown on the insights bar. Before it was even worse as it was even lower, but I bought an Instagram ad and that seemed to help a bit. I thought my account was shadowbanned for a while since a botted follow/unfollow (stopped now), but apparently not. I was wondering how I can get more consistent engage. I feel my accounts are on a bad standing I was wondering how I can get consistently better reach on all my accounts. Any advice helps

Can you tell me if the account(s) you bought an ad for are the ones that have the lower engagement? If so, the problem is is that you bought an ad for those specific accounts. Instagram then sees you as a cow they need to milk more. They hope that when your reach goes down after the ad, you’ll buy more.