Instagram recover account problem with the code

lately I have been hitting by disable accounts many times and I try to recover them . Basically 20 every time but this time I do not receive the email with the code that you should receive after you fill up the form.
A while ago I had a problem but I use the ip from my vps that is not dynamic so when sending the form they say something goes wrong maybe they banned that ip since I send 30 requests a few days earlier…but this time I fill up the form from my local home that has a dynamic ip, I was able to send the form but still no email back. What should I do ?

In addition to that with the few accounts that still phone validation I do not receive the message and when doing via api it says

Please read this thread

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Wait I recieve the email after 2 days that never happen to me before…usually 5 min after I sent the form

but still the phone validation

Maybe they also changed something abt. email verification