Instagram redirecting 4g proxies to login?!

hi guys. as many of you may know, Instagram has banned access of not-logged-in users to its site since past months, which means that if you want to see any page of Instagram website, first you have to login. however, if you were using 4g IP, then still you could visit all Instagram pages even without logging in.

it’s a couple of days I’m seeing that 4g proxies in some countries also get redirected to login page, and without logging in you can’t visit any page of Instagram.

does it mean that Instagram is gradually banning access of not-logged-in 4g IPs as well? and so without login you wont be able to visit Instagram at all?! do you have any data/experience please? thanks.

From my experience, you are redirected to login page while using 4G connection if you check too many pages in an hour. The limit seems to be around 30. After that, you get redirected to login.

A way to fix it is just rotating your IP.

That is true, but after a few profile visits. You can still see a small number of pages, before having to login :slight_smile:

That’s it !

actually the limit used to be like what you said, but it’s a couple of days it’s much lower (5-6) and after that it gets redirected to login. moreover, the IPs of some countries instantly get redirected to login and doesn’t allow visiting without login. have you tried it recently?!

have you tried it in the last couple of days?! now I’m facing a very low limit (5-6 visits)!

Just gave it a try with LT and UK proxies - I was able to check 27 accounts with LT ones and 30 with UK.

many thanks for your data! by LT you mean Lithuania, right? and could you please tell me which operator you tried in these countries?

Yes, Lithuania.

LT - “Ezys”
UK - “Three”

aha, great. and can you please tell me the name of mobile proxy you use?

No, sorry. I learned a hard lesson in sharing particular proxy providers in the past. :slight_smile:

I also do not see how a proxy provider would change ability to view account info when not logged in. You can contact proxy providers and ask them if their proxies can do this or not - I am pretty sure most (if not all) will have no issues in doing so :wink:

Yeah, they’re basically not allowing “no log-in access” to content. You can either log-in/sign up and view the content you want to view or you can’t.

even when using 4g/LTE IP?!

Maybe your 4G proxy IP pool is too small