Instagram redirects to login screen when trying to reset the password

Title said pretty much everything. I waited about 2 weeks before trying again but nothing changes, even from different devices.

From Android/iOs => I recieve the sms code, then after writing the number in the textbox nothing happens.

From Computer => I open the link that i recieved in the sms but instagram redirects me to the login screen.

My account isnt blocked/disabled.

I dont know what to do anymore. It started almost a month ago.

Probably the network you use is blocked for some reason. Give it a few days to rest and try to login from a different phone.

Even if it doesnt explain why even with mobile connection or vpn isnt working… even from a friend phone with his connection…

I also have the same issue but for one account only. Account is also still active, so not sure what’s going on.

I was able to restore my account, by resetting the password after 1 MONTH and 2 WEEKS.

WOW! Glad to know you can access the account again. How about @mikethest, any news on your end?

It took a while but at least you’ve managed to get it back. I am glad for you!!

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How did you get it back?

Basically i didnt log in for ATLEAST 1 week. (Didnt try to reset password, didnt try to login by guessing the password) Everything started 08/07/2021 and it got automatically unlocked 12/08/2021

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Congratulations, happy to hear that. wow, it takes that long.

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nice, good to hear, that happens to many users recently just leaving the account alone fixes the issues.

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