Instagram Reels Finally Launched

Hello Everybody,

I was going on my Explore page today and was surprised to find a new video that took up about 70% of my screen. Turns out Instagram finally launched their Tik Tok competitor: Reels. Thoughts?

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Apparently it got spread to all accounts indeed,

However it has been on many slaves of mine since some time already, for testing purpose i guess.

I think it entertains users pretty good, eventhough i don’t think it’s gonna be closed to TikTok at all, in terms of engagement !

Yeah, just saw it on my accounts as well. It’s a shame I’m too ugly/old to take advantage of it, if I wasn’t such a basement dwelling cunt maybe I would :man_shrugging:


Do you know how the engagement works with Reels? I know it’s really new so there is not much info and statistics on it, but if a certain amount of your followers or people engage with your reels does it go on explore?

I was just wondering if IG was going to make the algorithm for Reels similar to Tiktoks’s

Hopping that it will be better for promoting our apps. I want to see what bots are incoming :smiley:

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It will be interesting to play around with reels a little bit but I doubt that they will change the game much. I personally don’t like them but we should not be discouraged from our personal feelings. After all, most of us are boomers

Your comments :tired_face::joy::skull:

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The truth hurts I guess :smiley:

You should make an instagram account for sarcastic humor. Almost like a satire/ modeled after the Onion.

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LMAO it literally ripped Tik-Tok. That’s all I have to say.

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I’m not able to see Reels yet, can’t wait tho :smiley:

I think Instagram is cramming way too many features into 1 app. Part of what made Tik Tok appealing was that it had 1 purpose- short video clips. Instagram now has wall posts, stories, IGTV, and Reels- it’s an overwhelming experience for users. For this reason alone I don’t think it will make a significant impact. All of the Tik Tok influencers will just migrate to YouTube and make generic vlogs, and then new influencers (albeit, smaller) will be created via Reels or Byte (another video clips app).


I full agree on this! IG is about to burst out of it’s own body. Way too many features in what used to be a simple app

Facebook can easily keep them seperate and still have everyone use them. Just like we all use whatsapp, facebook, IG, tiktok, snapchat, … all together but still in seperate apps.

IG can innovate but you cant keep cramming 1k buttons into 1 app till it goes to shit.


We have some clients that are so happy with this change, they have the right content for it.
We still need to research to understand how to maximize this opportunity.

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No more story’s in explore now there are only reels. And most of them not related. In a few words they f*ked it up. Story views decreased way too much … Reels are killing the storys.

Usually new IG features = organic growth, they want to push more people to use it.
Think IGTV and Lives and how they were.

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:sob::sob: Wow my friend

Use it folks, stop whining and get on the train. ER is unreal, follower gains I noticed up 25 percent. Unlike a regular post, it stays up on the feed longer – same as IGTV


i agree. one thing that seperates insta from all others is the default home feed. reels also are on it and the user never has to hit explore. thats what makes it simple. Many never go on to explore and use the features. Facebook is 10x more complex than insta – yet we still use all the features
Unlike Tiktok which the fyp page is default, the home feed is default. Unlike other medias except facebook, the home feed is still king folks – that is what makes it worth getting into. Tiktok home reach is lack of a better word – piss poor


So that’s it? Good bye tiktok?