Instagram registration problem


since yesterday and after successfully created 8 accounts, Instagram refuses to create anymore accounts, i’m using emulator for that and i have changed every thing, the phone model, the email i registered with, the imei, the proxy also (private proxy), nothing works whatever i do.

i even tried to do it through fb page like a method here mentioned, i heard that maybe some Instagram servers are down last 12 hours, is that true, i’m living in UAE

Have you tried creating 1 account using the embedded browser?

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Yes same thing with fresh private ip. The email i registered with us gmx and gmail

I see, what message did you get from IG when it refused to create the account? Most of the time, the issue is the proxy. Also, when you created the 8 accts, it’s 1 acct. per proxy, right?

I create 2 accounts for every ip. And here is the msg i got

I’d suggest creating 1 account per IP per day, see if that will work for you.

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Ok i will try and let u know

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no matter what i do, Instagram refuses my registration, also i tried to register new fb accounts, same thing

That means you are leaving footprints for them to find, there is no other explanation. Take a look at the whole process and see what you’re missing and what they are seeing.


Yes i must be doing something wrong. I still cant figure what is it.
One thing, i use the emulator inside the pc, i use the proxydroid inside tge emulator, but i leave the pc connection as it is without any proxies

through my reading in this post, i have seen people stuck in the same situation as i’m.
now i’m using proxifier so all the setup is good, i change everything there is through the emulator, the guid, build number, the model of the device, everything, still have the same issue, i’m using email with aliases, i will use regular email and let you know soon

can somebody help me here, i didn’t leave any footprints, still can’t make an account using whatever emulator including bluestacks

I checked your posts. It looks like you covered it all. We need some out of the box thinking here so I’ll call @BrandonBerner for help :smiley:

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i have searched also on other forum and google, lots of people have my situation, some of them recommend residential IP’s which is double the price but more reliable. others suggest creating your own proxies, so i’m really wonder which path i should take

…hmmm this is a tricky one.

After reading your topic and the following replies, I know for a fact that you are leaving a footprint somewhere since Instagram allows a maximum of 10 accounts created sharing the same footprint. In your case it was less (8).

First I would recommend limiting the variables. Although creating 2 accounts/IP is fine, lets try to only create 1 account/IP. This will eliminate that factor.

Second, some softwares/spoofers do not work. Its always good to test each one to see if it truely spoofed your identifiable characteristics.

###Make sure the following Identifiable characteristics are spoofed

  • MAC Address

  • Device ID

  • Gmail Account / User ID (If you are logged in)

  • Make sure your proxy is actually changing, and not using your computers IP

  • Make sure the creation emails are all different (including the domain)

  • Make sure the phone numbers are all different

  • Do not assign any website to the accounts

  • Make sure that the display pictures all have a modified MD5 Hash

I am well aware that some of these are a bit extreme, however the objective is to first get you up and running with success. Then you can experiment with changing the settings. If you mess up, you can revert back to your last known good configuration.

I hope this helps!


yes i have done all this, yet same results, but when i use your method of 3G (Airplane mode), it worked :slight_smile: , thx so much for great help

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Well happy to hear at least one method works for you :slight_smile:



I’m having the same problem,

I previously created 30 accounts, 20 banned,
I now have 10 that are running fine,

I have new proxies but can’t create new accounts,

I seem to be having the same problem.

Can you explain further what the 3G (airplane mode) method is?

Pls read here all about the mentioned method

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why cant i access this topic?