Instagram registrations closed! No more new accounts :P

Just a current problem where instagram wont send codes to any phone number even while using real numbers on the original app, while trying to register! Anyone else experiencing the same?

Yeah since like 2 weeks IG super buggy regarding codes - no matter if on registration, normal PV, automated or not - right now it’s like gambling if they arrive or not :man_facepalming:

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LMFAO :smiley:

They are seriously upto something!

Don’t know - cause since like 2 week IG has a lot issues - hashtag on web noch working - few hours issues with loading times in the app - login not working… codes not arriving for days - than it’s working again … than no codes are arriving again …

But simple guess this happened after they released the reels worldwide … maybe it’s atm a “bit of stress” for their servers?

I do think the same. But if they aren’t related, at least all of these bugs occured ~ same time Reels function was launched.

Even simple buttons and features are buggy, like the “search tab” that disappears when you click on it. Looks crazy insane how they don’t fix small things, so be prepared to keep going in the bug

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I am not finding any issues in recieving codes via gmails,phone number or any.

I am recieving codes normally without any issues,Idk why it’s happening for you.

Emails are getting codes. I don’t think phone numbers are getting them yet.

PV still not working in my case.

Earliest solution i imagine will be beyond December. Think they’ll ride this out & publicity [or keep this in their back pocket to] cite this as combating political influences on elections :stuck_out_tongue:

“We were successfully able to eliminate millions of ‘fake’ spam accounts potentially created to sew dissent and chaos and negatively influence the US elections”.

… meanwhile in the real world, every non-politically related account is bleeding followers, allowing the platform to collapse.

I’m sure they’re only in it for the news they can create after the fact, because really they just throw fire at everything and hope it burns the right people.

Does anyone overcome the issue?

It has been working fine for the last 15 hours now

Still not receiving any codes for even my personal numbers…

Working totally fine,confirmed just one minute ago.Recieving codes from Emails and Phone Numbers too.