Instagram Releases Another Concerning Update

Hello Everyone

As you know, I work very hard to extract useful data for everyone on the forum to freely use.

I was about to see to a location request, but then I realized that the meta titles and descriptions for posts were no longer attainable while logged out of the application. This has prevented me from being able to extract the necessary data to continue my thread. I find it interesting that this happened mere weeks after I opened the thread, although I don’t want to speculate further on that, as it may sound like a conspiracy that there could be members of the Instagram development team finding their information here.

My fear is that this, as well as the other recent updates, are the beginning of what is going to turn into a prevention of mass API calls from non-trusted sources. If that ends up being the case, then the game is over.

It could be no time at all before this all escalates to the point of no return. Start gathering the data that you don’t need now, but may need later as a safety net.

With films like The Great Hack making their rounds and the endless stream of media on topics surrounding it, Facebook really has no choice but to make data extraction from their applications impossible.

For now, I’d be interested to hear if anyone has noticed any similar changes made over the course of the day, or foreseeable days to come.


I will keep everyone updated on whether or not I’m able to continue extracting location IDs Inside the Location ID Thread.


Thank your for sharing it embraceone! Unfortunately I am sure that they are reading our posts. :frowning: My scraper accounts are still running fine, but I have set the source receiving limits a lot higher on my accs just to stack up. Who knows, these are hard days and I think it will never be easier.


Seriously, did you have to set up a new topic to write exactly what you wrote earlier in another of yours?

People have downloaded and they will download this data, things just become more interesting. I doubt that your thread had something to do with this change :sunglasses:
greetings :beers:

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@jakim it was a coincidence that I had already started making this thread when you posted your response to the other thread asking about the recent update. Also people won’t go to the other thread looking for this information as that thread is specifically for requesting location IDs and I don’t want it to turn into a full-on discussion.


You’re the Instagram spy, aren’t you? :wink:


I think I’ve seen you speaking about this before. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me. This is the top forum when it comes to social media automation. I would join it if I was on the Instagram team, so why wouldn’t they?

Also, think about how much lighter their server load would be if millions of bots stopped making mass API calls. It just seems like the obvious solution to all their problems. Why would they want hundreds of millions of spam API calls being made on a daily basis?


I all of a sudden feel afraid. :sweat_smile: Time to use advanced cloaking.

Surprised they didn’t do this years ago tbh. Maybe they’re earning off companies who benefit from the API like HypeAuditor?

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This is why Instagram made this update :


Is there a way to view this without signing up?


Thanks, Zack. Taking a look now!

After Looking

Unbelievable! Who knows what else is happening blatantly under Facebook’s watch? I barely feel comfortable having a Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram account these days.

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As always, “one idiot” ruins everything.


thats why i dont have whatsapp and im going to remove my facebook account soon. this shit is scary for real

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WhatsApp is encrypted. FB and IG, if you choose to share something publicly, you shouldn’t be shocked someone may keep a copy of what you shared.