Instagram Releases In App Shopping

Instagram released a new feature where users can shop and order items right in the Instagram app!

Great possibilities with this when its released to normal users! $$$


Saw this on BHW, great improvement from IG.

Will be a big slap to Shopify which I guess is a good thing.

Overall it increases business demand for Instagram, which improves business for us :sunglasses:


Uh, this is huge, will bring lot’s of business. Finally.


This will actually be a great feature, specially really good for my biggest accounts, congratulations to Instagram for releasing something nice.


Cool! Now I wonder what the limitations are, either the stores/brands that can actually use it, and/or what the product limitations are.

Say for instance you’re running a vape store page and want to sell your vapes through Insta, will that happen? My guess is not, and that it’ll be too restricted/limited to only big brands with pre-existing stores, or you’ll have to apply individually to be approved, but maybe not :thinking:

I’ve never experimented with selling, but if anything goes I may have to try…


Can I sell Instagram growth services tho?


@wortime asking the real questions LOL but I doubt it, they’re like the corrupt govt, they don’t like competition when it comes to taking your money

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actually saw a story telling people their business was insta automation – swipe up for more info – someone already beat you to it…( 1 week ago)


Isn’t that the only reason they did that for?

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I know hardly something about Shopify, so just out of curiosity: why is “slapping Shopify” a good thing? :slight_smile:
Thank you for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

Instagram instead of Shopify would be getting the “check out processing fees” and it would streamline the shopping process thus taking away from Shopify who many use currently.

I had a sense this was coming. If they add a cart feature, where you can add different items from different retailers, that would be an amazon threat.

This could be huge for small businesses selling physical products, interested to see what T&C IG put on the service, what percentage they are looking for and what the entry requirements will be.

I am hoping this is not just for the big brands, that would be a shame and turn IG selling into a large brand dominated TV channel rather than the open platform it is today.
Hope they launch in the UK soon.

My personal guess is that fashion will be the biggest market for this. IG could easily dominate the fast fashion market partnering with the large brands who have been looking for an effective online marketing & delivery partner for years. Fast fashion is about to get a whole lot faster.

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Fast Fashion is so horrible for the environment, but yes you are 100% correct.

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There is already a topic on this

For sure, if done right, will be a great way for sell more.


Great for business. Simplifies the sales funnel process too, its availabe now or just being testeed?

What? That’s what this whole thread is about. And you posted the same link I did above lol.

Yep, this will make it easier for users to buy products without leaving IG. I think its only available for famous/big brands right now like Kylie Jenner etc. Im not sure when it will roll out to normal businesses.

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