Instagram removed my account for no reason

I had created an Instagram over a year ago , My page was beautiful mantipulated pictures ( not nude) of my favourite actresses and hummage paid to others work . All originals photographs ( which they where designed from) have been credited and permission given . I have not offended or harassed or bullied anyone, It is simply an artwork and apprecfiation page, so you can imagine y shoh and distressed with having it be deactivated,

I approached instagram who was an utter complete c*** and refused to provide me with an explanation but demanded that i provide them with my personal details. I refused to do this as i wanted an explanation as to why my account was removed without warning. I was basically threathened by their moderator who said if i did not provide my personal details i would not have my account back. I am extremely peeved as there are several accounts that have created the same thing and they have remained . Could it be the actress herself that has reported me for no reason? or just instagram being a pig?

so you saying unless insta knew infact it was you and not another person, they told nothing. This is called making sure you are who you say you are for giving giving delails of an account.

Hello Alexnvo,

Thanks for responding to my post.

I did not create the account with my details as it was just a hobby page . I did not feel i needed too.

Besides i had since read that someone who also had their account removed , did everything tha was asked of them by Instagram only not to hear anything back. So Instagram is not co-operative as they may appear. They just want to get everything they can in terms of ones personal details only

it is simple, you don’t provide info, you don’t get account back. we are powerless…

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If you want your account back, send them a copy of your government ID. Within a week or so you’ll hear from them.

Or, just make a new account.

It’s simple.

I most definitely do not believe i will have gotten my account back even if i had provided my details- like i said it was not created with my information as it was just a hobby page. The reason why i posted this question is to see if anyone could shed some light on why they think my harmless account was removed without warning :frowning:

Hi Colorme,

As my post said , i did not create the account with my details as it was a hobby page :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My page is also deleted . When i tried to search , it says it does not exist :sob:

Instagram only wants to make sure that it’s a real person on the other line. They don’t care much if you didn’t put personal information.

Now, if you did not create it, do not know the OG email, or OG phone (if there was one), then no way you’re getting that account reinstated even if you provide ID.

This sound that you Cheat on Instagram and for this Cheat you lost your Account. If you dont create your own Content and give instagram a new advantage with new amazing content for what will need you instagram. You are just an user that also repost Picture. That make 0 Value for Instagram. Instagram support people that make Content and helps Instagram that the Users of instagram stay a long time on this platform. This is how Instagram makes money. If you help them to make Money the will help you to push your profiles and let you in pease. We have more and more experience that this account likes yours are going away step by step. Finally because for me this was all time not fair. People that dont make content have more success instead of people that just repost and sitting at home and make nothing. Im really happy that Instagram is finally fighting about this accounts.
In the end you dont have to think about you. You have to think like the people that creat the social media platform.

What does OG mean?

Original, Original

I disagree with you , and in someways i would not be surprised if you are working for Instagram themselves. I said nothing about my content containg a lot of reposted pictures . My content was manipulation with an extra twists. I have seen several profiles that has been on instagram for years which where reposted pictures and they are still going strong . So i do not know where your argument comes from.

I have reposted one a few and the ones that i have the original poster has given me full permission and evidence of that is shown on their page.

I would also like to point out to you that instagram also contains spam - an immense amount of spam posters. During my time there i have encountered a lot. How is it they have remained to be on instagram?

So before you come for me .i suggest you get all the facts rather than trying to protect instagram. What has been done to me is simply injustice. My posts where simply to share my interests and speak with others who have similar and the same interests. I was not simply a poster who went around reposting other peoples work. The fact that Instagram chose to remove my page without investigating is a disagrace on their part.


Instagram did not ask for the original email, because the email i used to set up the account was the original email i use to query the suspension of my account. I said that i did not provide any personal information when creating the account . ie: address, etc.

Use services to unblock your account, no need to provide any personal data of yours

TeeBeK that’s good if you make more value for the platform. But if instagram would see it like you you would have problems. Keep an eye on the other account what you said and maybe you will see 2020 that this accounts will lose a mount of engagement and maybe the will get also the same issue like you.

it depends on so many think, Thrust level, how old is the account, do you post also new pictures on instagram never release before on instagram and and and

Hi Kitamain,

What services are they?

I recieved a lot of positive feedbacks on my page - when i was on Instagram. It was very engaging and beautiful homage. It did not deserve to be removed. I have heard stories of accounts that had over 3k followers removed without warning and these where original works. so how do you explain that?

in one word greed, that’s ok if you did your work well. And also Growed your Community. Try services like kitamain and if it dont work learn of your mistake and start a new one.

I made no mistakes . I did everything right so i cannot fathom why you advised that. I tried to create a new one but instagram has shadowbanned me . What is Kitamain?

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Did you change your proxy or did you change your internet provider I think your IP is on the Blacklist.