Instagram removed my post. How do i appeal?

Instagram removed 2 of my posts and i see that total number of my posts are still the same. It said “your post goes aganist our community guidelines”. and there was no option to appeal and didnt tell me which posts were removed. Im not sure if my comments were removed or not but if they were comments, it would have said “your comment goes aganist out community guidelines”, wouldnt it?

How could i appeal or learn what i posted wrong?

If it was due to copyright infringement you might get an email like the following:

Where Purple are details about the post (Caption, Date) and Yellow the claiming party.

For appeals you can go here:

In other cases, there is no option to appeal the content removal.

Thanks but they didnt even tell me which post was violating their guidelines

I heard before that they don’t tell you the exact reason for removing the post :thinking: Do you have enough information to complete the form that @schoko shared? There is nothing to lose if you try at least that solution.

Nope because actually all my posts are here. None of them were removed but i get the notification ?

have you been able to recover an account due to copyright infridgment?
I would like to know this because I have 4 account disabled due to copyright :frowning:

I know someone who did.But they asked to instagram directly, and they did a lot of ads with them

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Were those your unique posts?