Instagram removing URL from bio

Hi all,
(one more) strange thing happening to one of my instagram accounts.
I noticed that I wasn’t receiving any clicks from one of my profile so I opened up the profile and there no link in the bio.
I readded it and it saved like normal.
I refreshed and the link was gone. I checked from another IP and the link was not there.
What’s happening?

your link is banned …
change it with another and will work :wink:

Yep, @dzerv is probably right. Use different link.

Nope, doesn’t work at all.
No matter what link I put, it saves, shows it as my bio link, but just isn’t visible from another location.
Any other ideas?

I had these old accounts from a long time ago I only setup a few. They all had shady links I remember. Now they are all gone as well. So IG could have done something for sure.

Thing is that the link was a subdomain and in other accounts, the same domain is still active.
And I even tried putting in something like instagram . com in the bio to see if it works, but it just doesn’t.

I had the some problem

Use the method of @Adnan with g+ links and it will work.

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