Instagram’s Tiktok killer

Will Instagram be able to take over tiktok the way they did Snapchat?

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Quite possibly. All they have to do is continue testing & refining their process.

Instagram has the leverage of a large network & larger parent network.

The interesting question, if this holds up as its reason for success, is how long will it take?

Stories took several months to dominate snapchat.
IGTV took over a year to begin to mentally challenge YouTube’s dominance on the Video Media market.
Reels could do so within the same time frame & do what it did to snapchat in the time IGTV took to mature to where it is now.

I think Instagram will overtake tiktok with this eventually. Unless someone over at tiktok is more clever than mark zuckerberg, even though I hate to admit it


I have to admit that I see this info for the first time :slight_smile: I don’t know if I like the idea or no. I think that users like that there is something new, unrelated with Instagram and that this would spoil the magic of TikTok.